About Us

Glow & Show Is a trade mark label that was firstly founded online a year ago (2016), In Egypt, along that year it was a loyal mirror to help its customers to visualize their fondest beauty aims! 

We were a company of a "Best Friend" type to its customers who trusted our beauty tips, choices & advices for them to glow like stars..
We have been a perfect place for our loyal customers to get all what they need from the greatest collection of world top beauty brands that we provided in our online store..

We vastly, Became well known of providing the 100% original products to take care of the skin, body & hair in addition to our events & courses that we offer to our customers so they really can Glow & Show!

Today, as we improve.. We launched this website to connect people not only with the famous beauty products, but also with all their shopping needs from A to Z.

Our website is designed professionally to supply you with all the products you need from any brand or any category thanks to the alphabetical brands order, well arranged sections and the search engines available in our website.. We connect you with the product or the seller and deliver your order to your doorstep!
You can place an order with or without registration to our website & also enjoy a gift certificate to send gifts to your loved ones in their occasion..

Our Company has two main branches in Cairo & Damietta .. And our carriers can reach you wherever you are in Egypt or abroad.

Enjoy Surfing Our Glowandshow.com